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On September 2021, the foundation will be holding a Youth Virtual Conference entitled “Fearless Generation” for the youths in Sitio Payong Area 4. These youths have been volunteering for almost 4 years in Sitio Payong and they have been the ones teaching, guiding, and assisting the children. These youths are the first set of children that we had way back October 2014, which was the year when Sitio Payong Kid’s Outreach started. As we witness their service and growth in their ministry we can see that these youths have the potential to be the next leaders for the next generation. Through this youth conference, our goal is to utilize and help develop their God-given talents and skills. Moreover, this conference will focus on molding their characters and leading them to live a Godly-life as they continue to mature in their spiritual lives, and will soon make them the future leaders of the next generation in their own community.


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